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Travel Tip: Puppy Therapy at the Airport

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LAX dog (2)Usually when you see a dog wandering around an airport, he’s accompanied by a police officer. But in some airports, you may see a dog whose only job is to make your days a little better.

A few years ago, we saw the trend of dogs at hotels. They’re called canine concierges or ambassadors and are available for pets, walks and general companionship. And now our furry friends are showing up at airports for some puppy therapy.

At LAX, therapy dogs are part of the PUP program—that stands for Pets Unstressing Passengers, in case you were wondering. Just look for a dog in a red jacket and know that you can go say hello.

San Jose pioneered the concept after 9/11, when travelers were anxious about flying. An airport volunteer began bringing his dog to work and he was such a hit, the airport made it an official program.

Miami International Airport also got onboard with its dog, Casey the Golden Retriever.

Can these pups get you through security faster or make your flight leave on time? Of course not. But at least they help make the waiting game a whole lot more pleasant.

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