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FAA Rule Change: What You Can & Can’t Do Now with Electronics on Planes

You might say that the FAA’s rule change for personal electronics has been the worst-kept secret in aviation circles. For years there has been talk of change, but now the official policy is different. The new rules allow the use of personal electronics on planes, in airplane mode, from takeoff through landing.

Smartphones, e-readers and tablets will be available for gate-to-gate usage. However, talking and texting will still be prohibited.

With the introduction of new rules, pilots and flight attendants have expressed concern about becoming “sky cops.”  One of the main difficulties of enforcing this new rule is figuring out how to efficiently check if all passengers have switched their devices to airplane mode. Members of the Air Line Pilots Association also worry about enforcing the change, noting, “We remain concerned that relying on passengers to selectively turn off their devices in areas of extreme poor weather is not a practical solution.”

Before the change will be active, airlines must apply to the FAA to say that they are technically capable of allowing personal electronic usage. JetBlue and Delta have already submitted there application.

Watch Peter’s Greenberg’s CBS This Morning report to find out what changes are to come and when the new rules will be active.

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