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Travel Tip: The Weather Apps You’ll Need this Winter

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Worldmate WeatherWinter is coming and nothing can derail a trip faster than being hit by bad weather. You can stay on top of the latest conditions with the latest weather apps. Real-time weather reports aren’t just about the old 7-day forecasts. It’s about up-to-the-minute, localized information, which you can access with your smartphone.

If it seems cloudy with a chance of rain, the Dark Sky app focuses on hyperlocal, short term-information—so it’ll alert you of what’s happening weather-wise within the next hour.

Minutely is another localized weather app. But what’s cool is that it also collects data from users, so you can get real-time information from people who are on the ground.

If you’re worried about delays, Flight Weather is just for you—it accesses the same airport weather data that pilots and meteorologists use.

And for all you weather nerds, here’s a fun one: Weathersphere’s app actually shows you the conditions in high-def images. Headed toward a disaster-prone area? The app will sound an alarm if there’s an impending tornado, hurricane or other weather alert.

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