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Travel Tip: How to Rent Hotel Office Space

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hotel lobbyLately, more and more hotels are renting out rooms by the hour…but NOT for what you might think. These hotels are renting out conference rooms, lobbies, and other public spaces to people who need a short-term workspace. After all, sometimes, all you need is a desk, a power outlet and Wi-Fi to be able to rent hotel office space.

Seattle’s Hotel 1000 has a program called Pop-Up Office. They take unused rooms—which changes daily—and offer them out as office space during business hours. For $15, you can have all-day access to a work space, Internet and snacks. Add-ons include parking and meals.

You may have heard of Liquid Space, which connects people with workspaces. Now they’ve partnered up with Marriott so you can work from hotel spaces around the country.

Westin is testing out a version of this called Tangent, with work rooms that fit up to four people for meetings or video conferences.

Hey, it’s more legit than borrowing free Wi-Fi in a hotel lobby…and let’s face it, it’s a lot better than sitting in a coffee shop all day.

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