A Pilot’s Secrets to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

What to Do When You Fly

Pilot landing sfoThere are a few steps anxious flyers can take to dispel fear. Ask to meet the pilot upon boarding. Just let the attendants at the check in desk know you are an anxious flyer, and board early so you can find a flight attendant that will alert the pilots. You will then be granted the opportunity to step into the cockpit for a brief introduction. This will help to combat stress triggers and hormone release. A pilot’s destiny is tightly linked to the passenger’s destiny, so even a brief introduction can go a long way.

Just that gut level feeling you get talking with them is going to give you some confidence. Then, when you are in the back of the plane and hear a noise or feel the plane move, you can picture them in the cockpit knowing what it is and taking care of it. That makes a big difference too.

If you are on the plane and experiencing some anxiety, talk with the friend or family member you are traveling with, or if you are traveling alone ask to speak with a flight attendant.

People are freaked out by what they are imagining. Their ability to think clearly is clouded, so when the plane moves up and down, they think it is falling. If the flight attendant just goes and talks to them then they can be pulled out of that imaginary scenario and feel better. Traveling with a friend or family member can help.

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By Ashleigh Whelan for PeterGreenberg.com