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Travel Tip: Recipes You’ll Want to Cook from Cruises & Airlines

Have you heard the legend about the woman who was charged $250 for the Nieman-Marcus chocolate-chip cookie recipe? Well, that one’s a myth, and the recipe is available online. But guess what? Travel providers are also getting in on the act as well.

If you’ve ever been on a cruise ship, you know half the experience is about the food. Now, the Web site has a collection of free recipes developed by cruise chefs from all over the world.

We’re not talking about dry chicken and pasta salad. This site features regional recipes served on high-end barges and riverboats, as well as the bigger cruise lines. And don’t worry … all the recipes have been adapted to family-sized portions.

Although in-flight meal is practically an oxymoron here in the U.S., many Asian airlines are actually known for their food service. To prove it, Singapore Airlines has actually put together a cookbook of 50 gourmet recipes served in flight.

And, of course, there are shelves filled with cookbooks so you can replicate recipes from iconic hotels and restaurants.

But here’s a little secret: if you really enjoyed a dish, sometimes all you have to do is pay your compliments, ask nicely, and the recipe is yours to bring home.

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