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Travel Tip: Can You Still Find a Bargain with Duty-Free

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Duty-free shops at airports all advertise great bargains, but are they a good deal?

Here’s the first rule of thumb: for casual items, duty free is rarely a real value. Forget buying makeup, perfume and other high-priced impulse items duty free because they’re not really duty-free.

You’re better off going online or visiting discount stores. Online sites or a store’s sale prices can also easily beat the duty-free prices for electronics.

You have to watch out when buying items in bulk. Break down the prices by unit to see if it’s really a good deal.

For alcohol, you can still find a bargain when you buy hard-to-find wines and spirits from their countries of origin. Think vodka in Russia or wine in France.

Most duty-free operations have online catalogs that actually allow you to compare prices. Look for savings of at least 20 percent off the retail rate or the competitive online price.

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(Feature Image Credit: Ryan Wick, via Flickr Creative Commons)