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Travel Tip: Useful Packing Apps

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luggageWhen it comes to packing, it’s not just about organizing your suitcase. It’s about organizing your entire trip. And that’s where some apps can come in handy.

When you travel a lot for business, packing practically becomes second nature and you can throw together a case in no time. But when you’re traveling to a new climate, or with family members, it’s easy to forget important items.

The Stow app can create a list that’s customized to you—based on where you’re going and the essentials you need. Then it compiles a checklist you can mark off while you pack.

Packing Pro is a great option for families or groups. You create packing lists based on the number of adults, children, and days of travel, and you can filter it by bags or travelers. And what’s cool is you can share the lists by email.

Mammut Packing List is designed for outdoor travel. Use it to plan a camping trip and share it with others in your group—you can even designate who is in charge of what items.

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