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Travel Tip: Kid-Free Airlines

Simple PlaneNews bulletin, you’re not the first person to be annoyed by a child on your flight. And now, some airlines are doing something about it.

Heard of quiet cars on a train? Well, in Singapore, the low-cost airline Scoot is bringing that concept to the skies: forty one seats where kids under 12 are not allowed.

For $14, you’ll get seated in one of four quiet rows, which also have four extra inches of legroom.

AirAsia X has dedicated the first seven rows to child-free seating on several flights. And Malaysia Airlines is offering similar child free services on its Airbus A380s.

So far these seats are all on Asian airlines, but RyanAir has long talked about offering these services in Europe.

Here’s my take:  Many parents of young kids actually prefer to be seated near each other. They don’t want to be the family disrupting other passengers.

But in reality, who’s to say there won’t be a child sitting just behind the quiet zone? You’re better off politely asking a kicking kid to stop, bring your own earplugs, and hope for the best.

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