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Is Romantic Fiji Also Fit for Families?

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Fiji Resort Life

Nadi serves as a stopping over point for most visitors to Fiji. After a day or two, whether by boat or by air, many will head to another island destination. Choices are seemingly endless ranging from affordable to luxury resort. Regardless of where you land, this is the part of the trip where families should plan on getting wet and experiencing Fiji’s warm water and beaches.

Yasawa Island

There are 15 words in the Fijian language for Heaven. Yasawa is one of them. Just 30 minutes by air from Nadi, getting to Yasawa is an adventure in its own right. An 8-seat plane makes regular flights to the island that is home to just one resort and a few villages. The only maintenance required for the Yasawa’s runway/landing strip is a lawn mower. Flying somewhere around 25 hundred feet, the cabin is not pressurized. The pilot has headphones to dull the noise of the twin propellers, but getting caught up in the view has the same effect.

When’s the last time you got to watch a pilot at work? In a time of locked cockpit doors, this gives kids and kids at heart a chance to see what’s involved in flying a plane. One lucky flyer even gets to sit up front next to the pilot, so call shotgun early if you’re interested.

When you touch down, a welcoming group from the Yasawa Island Resort & Spa will be waiting. It’s the only resort on the island. Its only neighbors a few Fijian villages. With just 18 beach front bungalows there’s room for everyone to have their own space and then some.