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TSA Gone Wild? GAO Reports Lax Security & Misconduct

Do you feel safe in the hands of the TSA? A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) logged 9,600 cases of reported TSA officer misconduct. Of those cases 2,800 involved complaints were related to attendance (i.e. showing up late or leaving early). Attendance issues don’t impact your safety, but there were also 1,900 complaints directly related to security and screening. GAO found instances of sleeping on the job as well as officers letting friends and family skip the proper security checks.

There are currently 50,000 TSA officers stationed at more than 450 airports in charge of screening 1.8 million passengers each day.

It’s not just about proper employee conduct during screenings, it’s also about proper oversight. The TSA does not track how long cases of misconduct are in the system. Nor does it categorize or summarize the violations that do occur. As Peter noted this morning, when you don’t track or monitor violations you are tolerating bad behavior that may be repeated.

Watch Peter’s latest CBS This Morning report to see how the TSA is allowing vulnerability in our national security.

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