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Travel Gear to Help You Beat Jet Lag & Arrive Refreshed

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When it comes to red-eye flights, the minor annoyances of coach travel can add up to major discomfort, sleepless nights and jet lag. However, with  the right travel gear and a little bit of preparation, there are ways to recreate those premium-class perks.  Here are eight tools to pack for the plane to make the flying experience a lot easier.

1. Get Cozy

Remember the golden days of flying when you could expect to find a pillow and blanket on your seat? Now flying has become more of a DIY experience, so it’s up to you to come prepared. Functioning as a travel pillow and blanket in one, the Total Travel Pillow keeps you warm and reduces next compression. You can even add on a hood for added warmth. ($24.95-$29.99)