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Travel Tip: Airport Loyalty Programs

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You’ve heard of frequent-flier miles on airlines, and of course there are perks for returning customers at hotels and car-rental companies. But a loyalty program for airports?

That’s right, a few airports around the U.S. are trying to attract travelers by giving them discounts and freebies on parking, local restaurants, and activities.

A lot of the smaller, regional airports are offering these programs as a way to compete with the bigger guys.

Like Gainesville Regional Airport, which competes with the larger airports in Orlando and Jacksonville.

Every month, frequent travelers win prizes like tickets to local museums and events. And all members get access to their own airport lounge.

And now, some of the major airport are paying attention. At Dallas-Fort Worth airport, look for a sticker that says Thanks Again at restaurants, stores and even the pet boarding facility.

Spend money there, and you’ll earn miles on American Airlines, Delta, Hilton and other travel providers.

In New York, you’ll earn frequent-flier miles or hotel points when you use the on-site parking at JFK, LaGuardia, Newark and Stewart airports.

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