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Travel Tip: Photo Safaris at the Zoo

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Going on safari to photograph wild game may be a bucket-list experience, but there’s a way to get a taste of it without spending a lot. I’m talking about going on a photo safari…at the zoo.

At the Nashville Zoo, a pro wildlife photographer will give you tips on how to capture the best shots of animals even if they’re behind a fence or glass.

The experts will also show you how to work with different lighting as the day progresses.

The Dallas Zoo has a program with a day-long photography session followed by a classroom workshop.

But what’s even cooler is they have an overnight experience that includes shooting at the zoo and then a photo safari at an endangered wildlife sanctuary.

Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago has classes that teach you all the basic camera settings to snap photos of animals in motion and capture shots of nature.

And, hey, at the very least, consider this a way to practice your photography skills before buying a ticket to Africa.

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons user Badener