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How to Book the Best Coach Seats without Paying Extra

You go online to make a plane reservation. Once you agree to the fare and go to the next page, it’s time to book your seat. Then, what a surprise – the only seats available are in the rear of the plane and are middle seats! You’re encouraged to hit another key and buy a premium coach seat for up to $40 more. How did that happen? Are planes really that full?

It turns out the airlines are actually holding back up to 40 percent of available seats when you book online. Luckily, it’s easier to get around this than you might expect. Your biggest mistake is in depending entirely on the internet to book your travel and find your seat. The internet works linearly, but if you have a conversation with an airline representative you have a much better chance at a good place to sit. For the best outcome, call at an off-peak time, speak with a supervisor and don’t take a demanding tone. Instead, emphasize your loyalty to that airline.

Watch Peter’s latest CBS This Morning report to see how airlines are making coach travel more difficult and learn ways you can empower yourself to have a better experience.

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