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Nude Beaches Around the World: Do You Dare to go Bare?

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There’s nothing like summer beach days. People are drawn to the coast, whether it’s to play in the surf, build sand castles, take long strolls at sunset, lie out under the sun, or sip daiquiris at the beachfront bar. Some us even enjoy stripping down to our teeny-weeny bikinis or Speedos, while others dare to bare it all, and wear nothing but the metaphorical birthday suit.

Chances are, if you’ve gone to a beach on the Mediterranean, you’ve experienced a bit of nudity, at least from the waist up. And maybe you were even brave enough to join in the fun and set yourself free, so to speak. Perhaps you actually felt liberated and are daring to go completely bare this summer. Well, good news, because we have a list of nude beaches you don’t want to miss….and if you actually do want to miss them, now you know where not to go.

Haulover Park, South Beach, Miami

Florida beaches are renowned worldwide for their pristine white sands and invitingly warm waters, and Haulover Beach Park in South Beach, Miami is no exception. Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intercoastal Waterway, the almost half mile stretch of clothing-optional coastline attracts thousands of visitors per year. If you aren’t brave enough to strip down, there are parts of the beach where clothing is mandatory. But we recommend stepping out of your comfort zone (and out of your bathing suit) and getting involved a nude volleyball game or going skinny dipping in the salty sea.

Black’s Beach, San Diego, California

As San Diego’s only clothing optional beach, this Southern California coastline has a group of dedicated beach users that call themselves the Black’s Beach Bares. Aligned with the Naturist Society, this group is also environmentally conscious and organizes trash pickups, donates materials to conservation groups, and provides materials so other naturist groups can enjoy the beach. If you want to visit Black’s Beach and have fun in the sun, they ask that you respect the boundaries, respect the people, and respect the beach. This means no photography, no littering and no straying outside of clothing-optional areas if you decide to strip down. The group publishes a newsletter 10 months out of the year, and hosts Sunday picnics all summer long. If you want to get involved in the conservation efforts, or just make new friends, you can find them under the flag.

Pampelonne, St. Tropez, France

If you want to experience nude beach luxury, then head on over to the French Riviera where you will have the chance to see celebrities in the buff. At private beaches and on fancy yachts, decadence reigns supreme and it is not uncommon to stroll up on impromptu dance parties or champagne baths, that is if you can gain access. Head on down to the Plage de Tahiti for a public stretch of clothing optional coastline, but be aware that this area is still somewhat exclusive and brings out some of the best bodies, whether real or fake, so you may find yourself covering up pretty quick if you aren’t able to handle the competition.

Praia do Pinho, Santa Catarina, Brazil

On this naturalist beach, nudity is required. Yes, you read right, you have to be naked. Most nude beaches practice nudism, and therefore are clothing optional. Naturalism, however, is a philosophical life practice that involves people living together nude, in harmony with nature. Because of their views, visitors to the beach must participate in total nudity while on the sand, and be warned that they will personally police the beach to guarantee respect for the rules. There is an ‘adaptation area’ that allows visitors to remain clothed as long as they don’t go out on the sand. They also divide the beach into a section for accompanied visitors and a section for unaccompanied men, in an effort to cut down on inappropriate or uncomfortable behavior. Also, homosexual couples visiting the beach must stay in the unaccompanied men area. Don’t believe that this place exists? Check out the website here. You can read about the beach’s history, accommodation options, and rules.

Es Cavallet Beach, Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a global hotspot for party enthusiasts, with world-renowned clubs, restaurants, hotels, and bars; there is no shortage of options for revelry. So, it is fitting that there is a nude beach a mere 10 minutes outside of Ibiza Town. Naked tourists can be found lying on the white sands, surrounded by picturesque sand dunes and rolling waves. There are also two exclusive restaurants frequented by celebrities, and a popular gay bar that is open in the summer. And you can be sure that in the peak seasons, the party will be going on the beach all day and night, so you can sip your cocktail, with or without clothes.

Hidden Beach Resort: Au Naturel Club, Tulum, Mexico

If you want to experience nudist culture at its finest, a (s)trip down to your nearby clothing optional beach may not be adequate. To really quell your curiosity, book a stay at the Hidden Beach Resort in the Riviera Maya, the adults-only vacation destination for the nudist enthusiast. The resort is all-inclusive so you can enjoy dining, drinking, and working out in the buff, without worrying where to keep your wallet. All the rooms are oceanfront and there is a massage tent on the beach for added relaxation. In addition, there is a rooftop sun deck, a swim-up bar, comfortable beach beds, and an impressive hot tub. Activities include dining, bars, disco, volleyball, morning yoga, and themed parties. And that is just a sampling of the options. The resort prides itself on respect and acceptance and does not tolerate inappropriate behavior, so there is no need to be nervous about walking into a lifestyle market environment. This place is truly a nudist paradise; so if you have nothing to hide, then click here to book your vacation now.

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