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Voluntourism Spotlight: Buenos Aires Volunteer

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Thinking globally, but working locally is one of the most effective ways to help empower communities to escape poverty. In Buenos Aires, you’ll find a different volunteer program that helps recent grads and gap-year attendees learn to work with local communities. Keep reading to find out how you can be involved and check back every Wednesday for more voluntourism opportunities.

Buenos Aires Volunteer is a unique program that offers people from all over the world a way to be significantly involved in working with the Buenos Aires community in its areas of need. Volunteers can work in areas such as micro-enterprises, community development, social inclusion and poverty relief, environmental advocacy, child services development, human rights, education, and art & development.

Once deciding on an area a volunteer could be working on assisting companies with forming relationships with beneficial organizations, fundraising, assisting poor communities to enhance their ability for social development, working in soup kitchens, raising awareness of recycling programs, and working and playing at a shelter for children. Basically any interest you have in helping there is a venue for you to do so. Skills in any of these areas are valued but the most important thing is an eagerness and willingness to learn and help.

The program also includes two weeks of Spanish language and culture classes in order to immerse yourself with as much success as possible. The better understanding you have of the language, city, and people the more you’ll be able to enjoy yourself. At the end of your time volunteering you receive a certificate that summarizes your work and time spent there. This program also offers housing assistance and placement with host families in the city, giving you an even bigger opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture.

Getting involved is quite simple. Fill out the application online and the organization will match you with the correct area for your skill set and interests. For more information on them please visit their website.

By Laura Lee Jerges for