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Top 10 Travel Pinterest Boards for Information & Inspiration

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Fotor0624170237Let’s face it, travel is a visual experience and when it comes to social media, Pinterest has some of the best options for inspiration and information. From boards that celebrate the nostalgic glamour of flying to those that share the world’s best outdoor markets and road trips, here are 10 of the best travel Pinterest boards to follow.

Places to See by Gail Zapata is a great all-around travel board. It has popular pins, such as the fairy pools on the island of Skye and the lantern festival in Chiang Mai. But it also has interesting shots ranging from the San Antonio River Walk at Christmas to camels trekking along Cable Beach in Australia to pagodas in Myanmar.

Vintage Wanderlust by Jennifer Gillespie is full of postcards, posters, and luggage stickers from the era when traveling was a glamorous experience. It captures the old-school excitement of jumping on an airplane and discovering exotic destinations long before they became tourist traps.

Come Fly With Me by Janice Challen pays homage to the unforgettable style and sex appeal of stewardesses before they became flight attendants.

road triparchitecture by David Chudzynski is full of romantic images showing how art and function have blended to form iconic architecture around the world. It has a great collection of shots of architecture old and new, famous and rare, with unique angles of well-known buildings.

Travel Quotes by Jessica Hinrichs is like chicken soup for the traveling soul. It will remind you of all the reasons you love to travel.

road trips by Gloria Droghei proves that the best thing about a road trip is the view. Whether it’s cloudy skies over Nebraska, the fall foliage in Vermont, or even The Drunk Highway in Santa Fe, New Mexico, these pictures show the beauty beyond the twisting roads and flat highways around the world.

Outdoor/Street Markets by Susan Hurtt Hussien is full of colorful and lively pictures from outdoor markets of vendors and their products. There are great shots of cheese markets in the Netherlands, floating markets in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, fruit vendors in South Africa, dates vendors in Saudi Arabia, and fish markets in Algeria.

Cities by Mohammad Abdallat captures the differences—and similarities—between major cities. This board has images from nearly every major city in the world, some taken from amazing aerial heights. The pin to look out for: an aerial shot of Central Park that shows the city curved around it.

natural wonders 2Natural Wonders by Merbef has canyons, waterfalls, volcanoes, heart-shaped islands—you name it. Some of these pictures are beautiful, while others are jaw-dropping, like the Wind Cathedral in Namibia or Kangaroo Island. There are also great shots of iconic places such as the Tetons, Devil’s Tower, or the waterfalls at Uluru in Australia.

Overloaded by Petra Budel van Hemert has pictures of trains covered with people, cars bursting with bananas, rickshaws overloaded with coconuts, and trucks so full they’ve fallen backward. No matter what, this board is bound to give you a good laugh.

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