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Travel Tip: Your 2013 Summer Beach Report

It’s beach season, but do you know how safe the water is? Every year, a professor at Florida International University analyzes the top beaches in America.

His criteria includes water conditions, riptides and, of course, pollution levels. According to the latest Dr. Beach report, the top shore in America is Main Beach in East Hampton. Yes, this area was affected by Hurricane Sandy, but this is the Hamptons…locals made sure it was cleaned up and ready for summer.

Beaches in Hawaii, Florida, Cape Cod, and the Carolinas also made the top 10 list. On the opposite end, there’s Heal the Bay’s latest report card of West Coast beaches. This year marks the fifth in a row that Avalon Beach in Southern California made number one.

Another good resource is the National Resources Defense Council. But you don’t want to look at just one report…you want to see who the repeat offenders are. Those include the notorious Avalon Beach, New Jersey’s Beachwood Beach West and Euclid State Park Beach in Ohio.

Now I’m not saying to skip the beach this summer, but pay attention to local reports before you get dive in.

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