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The Best & Wackiest USB-Powered Travel Gadgets

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Father’s Day is almost here and what dad doesn’t love gadgets? When it comes to travel, USB-powered gadgets are both portable and convenient, usually relying only on an occasional laptop charge to maintain juice.

Here are 12 of the best, as well as some of the wackiest, gadgets on the market for traveling around the world or just to and from the office. The best part? Not only can you score last-minute overnight shipping on the items, but everything is under $100.

USB FlexLight ($9.99)

Need some extra light for your laptop? This LED light can plug into any USB port and has a 100,000 hour lifetime. It can also be easily packed into a carry on for late night flights.

USB Shaver ($19.95)

If you’re tired of packing extra AA batteries, this pocket-sized shaver is perfect. It has an easy-to-grip rubber finish and charges in any USB port.

Solar Window Charger $70

You want to use your gadgets, but you also want to be eco-friendly. Just stick this device against a window, be it in a car, hotel room, or airport, and it will automatically charge any device with a USB cable.

Worldwide Adapter and USB Charger ($25)

It’s easy to fry electronics when you’re traveling and dealing with different voltages. Compatible in more than150 countries, this adapter works on 110V or 220V AC and has built-in surge protection.

USB Fishquarium ($39.99)

Not exactly travel-friendly, but this could cheer up any cubicle or office. The fishquarium serves not only an aquarium, but also a penholder, lamp, LCD calendar, and clock. It also plays nature sounds for when the office atmosphere is a little too much.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M185 ($24.99)

If you’re often using your laptop on the go, you might get tired of using the touchpad. Simply plug in the nano receiver to your computer’s USB port, and you’ll always be connected to this wireless mouse.

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger (39.99)

This wristband will charge anything that connects to a USB port: cell phones, gaming systems, mp3 players, you name it. It’s perfect for extended phone calls, long flights, or waiting in airports.

USB Power Pirate ($20.00)

Ever needed to charge something, but someone else is already using the only available outlet? This device connects to an outlet while letting another device use it simultaneously. Just pull out the tab, hook it up, and voila, you have a USB charging station.

Roll-Up Portable USB Piano ($29.99)

For those who love playing music but haven’t been able to practice on the road, that’s about to change. With this gadget, you can play piano, organs, strings, horns, and woodwinds. It comes with a library of music, or you can record your own.

Rokono BASS+ Mini Speaker ($19.95)

This mini speaker connects to laptops, cell phones, and mp3 players. It can play for more than 10 hours after a single charge, and includes a USB charging cable and a splash-proof travel bag.

Signature Slim 8GB Swiss Army Knife ($49.00)

The Swiss Army Knife has always been known for having multiple uses. This one comes with six standard implements, such as a blade, scissors, and ballpoint pen, and now it also comes with a USB drive. It’s the perfect tool for a handy traveler (just don’t bring it on the plane!).

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