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Travel Tip: The World’s Most Scenic Train Rides

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I’m a huge fan of train travel, but here in the U.S. we haven’t perfected the experience. It’s when you get out of the country that train travel becomes really special.

Some say the best way to see Canada is by train. Starting this summer, the Rocky Mountaineer luxury train has a new coastal route beginning in Seattle and ending in the Canadian Rockies. This isn’t just any train experience: We’re talking meals from Michelin-trained chefs, glass-domed ceilings and overnights in hotels.

While most people associate the Danube with cruises, you can also travel this region by rail. The Danube Express has journey from Budapest to Istanbul. Not only is it incredibly scenic, but your fare includes sightseeing as well as onboard meals and drinks.

And while you can get around India by train, this is a trip you definitely want to do in style. The Golden Chariot travels through South India for seven days, stopping at temples, wildlife preserves and World Heritage Sites. They’ve got the requisite sleeper cabins and upscale dining cars, but what makes it even cooler is there’s a spa and a gym onboard. Talk about the golden age of rail travel!

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