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Travel Tip: How to See the Pope

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Pope Francis has announced that he is not traveling for most of the year. So if the Pope isn’t coming to you, well, you’ll just have to go see him yourself.

Anyone can travel to St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City where, every Sunday at noon, the Pope delivers a message from the study window. You have to show up early, but there’s no special ticket required.

For more access, you want to get into a General or Papal Audience on Wednesday morning, when the Pope offers blessings and prayers. You can contact the Vatican or the Church of Santa Susanna to request admission, but for a sure bet, go through an organized tour operator.

Tour companies are building entire trips around the new Pope. Companies like Central Holidays and Italy Vacations have packages with a guided tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, a Papal Audience and excursions to Assisi.

And hey, if all else fails, there is—literally—an app for that. The Pope App alerts you to upcoming events and gets you live webcam access, photos and videos of his appearances.

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Feature image credit Wikimedia, user: Tenan