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The Ridiculous Summer Vacations of the One Percent

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Earlier this week, the travel space was outraged at the idea of wealthy Manhattan moms attempting to buy handicapped access to cut the Disney World lines. Turns out that’s nothing compared to some of the vacation habits of the one percent, where a summer trip can easily top seven figures. Laura Lee Jergens dishes on four of the most ridiculous, over-the-top summer vacations.

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams right? Well for the one percent of the population that can travel like the rich and famous, boy do they. Instead of going to a local travel agent these folks enjoy using elite concierge services. Basically a fancy way of saying what you want whenever and wherever you want it. Memberships at these elite groups such as Quintessentially, Pure Entertainment Group, and Luxury Concierge Group China start at $2,000 for a day with the China Group and go up to $300,000 for Quintessentially Elite membership. Once you’re a member these companies will do everything from sending midgets to perform on your yacht in Dubai to closing down the Sydney Harbor Bridge for a walk and proposal.

So what do they have planned for this summer? Keep reading for some of the most outrageous trips of the summer rich (unfortunately we’re not naming names here…even the rich even have the luxury of vacation anonymity.

A Birthday to Remember

Monte Carlo Casino Square

Who doesn’t love a good birthday party? Maybe a fancy dinner, splurge on a rented limo so you can all get a little crazy. Or you could follow in the footsteps of a wealthy California man who took his wife and 30 of her closest friends on a two-week birthday celebration to the south of France. He imported 20 vintage cars from throughout Europe for a road rally through the Provence region, as well as took them on a six-night luxury cruise, and had food prepared from some of the best chefs in the world. All of a sudden splurging for the convertible from the rent-a-car place doesn’t seem too extravagant, does it?

Create Your Own Medieval Times

Family trips are a great way to teach your kids about culture, bond, and experience new things together. Your local Renaissance fair is a great way to explore the days of yester year with the family and eat some turkey legs. Or one family during a $500,000 three day trip to Ireland had a Celtic village constructed with roundhouses, silversmiths, jugglers, fiddle players, and private fireworks at Lismore Castle. Create your own medieval experience for a mere million dollars.

Not Your Average Road-Trip

An extremely wealthy Russian man took a group of his employees and their sons on a 10-day, off-road trip through Mexico. They boarded a private plane for Mexico, took advantage of 15 rented 4×4’s (for $10,000 a piece), were escorted by police and security throughout the trip, and decided to import groceries from all over the world to satisfy any culinary urges. I guess they’re not to into chips and salsa. This adventure could be yours for a mere $800,000.

Man Your Own Submarine

Cruises are a fan favorite of travelers. It’s a great way to be out on the water and in the sun without completely breaking the bank. Or you could go big time and have a 557 ft. yacht built. One Russian billionaire’s super yacht is a $1.2 billion powerhouse with up to 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, hot tubs, disco hall, and a medical clinic. With all that precious cargo it’s no wonder he went for a German missile defense system and a 12 seat anti piracy submarine that is launched through a hatch in the ship’s hull.

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