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Travel Tip: Secret Habits of Frequent Flyer Junkies

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You may be surprised to learn that some frequent flyers go to great lengths just to earn miles. For example, mile junkies will max out their credit cards to earn miles, and even go on “mileage runs”  at the end of the year just to reach elite status with their airlines.

But for everyone else, collecting miles is simply a matter of common sense. If you have an airline-affiliated credit card and use it wisely—as in, only buying what you would normally, and paying it off every month—you can come out on top.

But the airlines get in the way by making redemption nearly impossible.

If you spend more time on the ground than in the air, look for a card that earns you points on everyday items, not miles.

There are cards that earn points specifically designed for travelers. For example, the Bank Americard Travel Rewards card has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees and—the triple crown—you can use your points to pay off…your travel purchases!

Using points for travel is a way to beat the airline industry at its own game. You still get the free or reduced-price ticket, and you’re not subject to any blackout dates or limited seat availability.

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