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The Dirty Secret to Cutting Walt Disney World Lines

Locations in this article:  New York City, NY

A trip to Walt Disney World is a rite of passage for most families, but the three-hour Disney lines might not be for everyone. Wealthy and competitive moms have come up with a questionably ethical travel hack to circumvent the lines: hiring a private service of disabled guides.

The New York Post broke the story that a company called “Dream Tours” is setting families up with disabled guides, enabling those families to cut the line.

A quick look at the Dream Tours website shows a mission far more noble than line-cutting. The organization bills itself as guides for families with disabled children or adults. Its public mission is to “extend the unforgettable ‘Dream Tours Vacation’ experience to as many individuals with disabilities and their families as possible.” Services also include creating group vacations for special needs travelers and their families.

In addition to its public mission, the New York Post caught wind of wealthy Manhattan moms hiring Jacie Christiano, Dream Tours Florida assistant director. Christiano, who uses a scooter for her auto-immune disorder, is rumored to charge more than $300 an hour to take families through the park. Christiano rides in her motorized scooter marked with a handicap sign, thereby letting the family use a secondary entrance, away from both the regular and the fast-past lines, essentially eradicating any wait times.

Right now, there is little public proof outside of the New York Post allegations that this service is available. The Post story originally came from a sociologist looking to promote her upcoming book, The Primates of Park Avenue. In fact, to book a Dream Tours’ special guide service, a personal referral is required before anyone at Dream Tours discusses this service with a client. The paper was unable to receive confirmation of this service. Disney also has yet to comment.

We want to know what you think! Is this what the world has come to? Is it brilliant? Just plain despicable? An author’s publicity stunt? Sound off in the comments.

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