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Eight Weird and Wacky U.S. Festivals

Locations in this article:  Savannah, GA

What do giant mushrooms, mullet fish, washboards, and turpentine have in common? They are all themes of annual festivals held right here in the US of A…and the list doesn’t end there. Festivals are a wonderful way to make new friends, learn about history, and participate in your local community. Not to mention they’re the perfect summer road-trip stop. Ashleigh Whelan shares eight of the best and the most eccentric festivals going on across the country.

1. Humungus Fungus Fest

Photo Credit: Iron County Reporter

Want to see the largest mushroom in the world? And then eat the world’s largest (10ft x10ft) mushroom pizza? We think that sounds like a humongous amount of fun. The giant fungus weighs roughly 11 tons and covers 37 acres, and is thought to be over 1,500 years old! Visit the festival in August to take part in the parade and witness the strong man competition, in addition to a multitude of other exciting activities. Visit the Humungus Fungus Fest website for more detailed information.