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Know Before You Go: How to Dress in the Middle East

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Does traveling to the Middle East as a woman mean wearing a burqa (or an abaya)? Not necessarily. In the Middle East, following dressing etiquette can be essential to your travel experience. But the customs and rules vary from country to country.

For example, Saudi Arabia employs very strict dress code standards for both tourists and locals.  Here, you should be covered completely from head to toe.  And in Dubai, if you are wearing something that is too short and revealing in a public place, you can be fined! Meanwhile, in Abu Dhabi, although you have to cover shoulders and knees, simple jeans and a fashionable T-shirt are totally fine.

Know before you go…Alyssa Caverley shares the four steps you need to follow for dressing stylishly and respectfully while traveling in the Middle East.

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