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5 Cool, New Travel Websites You Can Use

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We all have our favorite go-to websites for travel planning and booking, but why not mix it up a bit and try something new? Isn’t that what travel is all about? Here are five travel websites that offer new and exciting services that you can use on your next trip.

1. Travel Nerd

Navigating airports can be a huge headache, especially when you are hungry, in desperate need of a bathroom, or are running late for a flight. In order to avoid being stuck in a perpetual maze of terminals and departure gates, Travel Nerd has offered travelers comprehensive airport guides. Users enter in their departure and arrival airports and are given quick links to tips on ground transportation, parking (including coupons), terminal maps, airline fees, shopping and eating guides, and travel in general. You can even find the closest cup of coffee to keep you going during your layover! Basically, you will never have to feel lost in an airport again.

2. Peek

Peek functions as a sort of one-stop shop, where visitors can research and discover activities for their selected destination. In addition to streamlined booking and payment options, it’s a curated experience. The site prides itself on only working with high-quality vendors for hand-picked activities. As an added bonus, they offer an outstanding customer service platform to answer any queries or provide insider advice. Users can go as far as creating unique travel itineraries based on specific interests. The service is available in Orlando, New York, Miami, Hawaii, San Francisco, Napa, and Sonoma.

3. Chargerback

We all know the dreaded feeling of panic when something goes missing: the frantic search of belongings, followed by the brain-racking of last visited places. This is such a common traveling experience that Chargerback has partnered with hotels around the globe to offer a free service to help reunite us with lost belongings. The software is free and allows a streamlined process of reporting lost and found items using email; it even offers the option of pre-paid shipping labels once a match is found.

4. Milepoint

Airline’s frequent-flier programs are so complex, there’s a website where frequent fliers can communicate and coordinate meet-ups. Milepoint has been around for a while, connecting business travelers, leisure travelers, infrequent fliers, and road warriors alike. If you are new to travel, at Milepoint you will learn how to earn benefits, privileges and bonus opportunities. The site has forums on a variety of travel topics like airport dining, travel security, and award programs. In addition, members can facilitate meet-ups in airports to converse with fellow travelers over dinner and a drink or two.

5. Voyagin

Don’t just visit a city, get to know the locals. With Voyagin, users can log on and discover activities and opportunities to connect with local. Check out the community marketplace in their destination city, then once you have targeted a desired experience, you can book the excursion and connect with your host to arrange the detailsCurrently the site only services select Asian countries, but it is a wonderful idea and we hope the word gets out and the community goes worldwide.

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