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Travel Tips: New Airline Fees

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It seems like the airlines will find any excuse to charge more and more fees…with no end in sight.

Southwest Airlines has expanded its on-demand programming with a service called Row 44. You can stream movies and TV shows straight to your tablet, smartphone or laptop… for a $5 fee.

Southwest also charges $40 to for priority boarding. You can pay up to 45 minutes before a flight, if the A group hasn’t already been filled.

United Airlines has an optional luggage-delivery service that has expanded since its launch.

Starting from $30, you can have your luggage delivered to your home, office or hotel, instead of waiting at the baggage carousel.

The service has grown from six to 36 cities, and is expected to reach 190 domestic airports altogether. The reality is, these ancillary fees are keeping airlines afloat.

A recent study from the International Air Transport Association shows that air travel is up this year, which only means airlines will keep racking up those fees to keep collecting from passengers.

Want to figure out your costs ahead of time? tracks these fees and gives an estimate of how much you can expect to spend based on your travel plans.

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