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Luxe Lavs: A Double-Decker Bathroom

Locations in this article:  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Picture 4Curious about the most spectacular and surprising hotel bathrooms from around the world? Then check out Luxe Lavs. This week, contributors Angela Fairhurst and Natalie Compagno find a double decker bathroom in boutique Buenos Aires B&B.

For personality, art and creative architecture we have found the perfect hotel that combines all three with flair.  The Bonito is a seven room B&B boutique hotel in the heart of the trendy San Telmo district of Buenos Aires. An Art-Nouveau historic home, it’s been renovated with each room is decorated by a different artist.

The Bonito’s owner and manager Yanina Szalkowicz kept the original spirit of the house in the details: tiled floors, molding and framework but then added modern design and color to each space so the guests have that “indie” dwelling vibe.

Suite 311 has something we’ve never seen before….a glass cube that is stacked directly above the bed! The room, named Louise, is an explosion of contemporary structure surrounded by antique furniture. Experiencing the bathroom in this room is visual as well as physical.  Sitting in the shabby-chic overstuffed chair, you see contemporary lines of the shower, sink and towel rack. In the bathroom, the sleek sink, chrome fixtures, open shower and local bath products give a contemporary comfort while the vantage point shifts and the view of the private outdoor terrace can be enjoyed.

The personality isn’t just found in the design of suite 311, Bonito has an “Intervencion” (art installment) every three months. They introduce an artist who will create and decorate a new space in the hotel. There are no reservations that night so the entire B&B is one big fiesta.  Yanina finds other reasons to host parties at the Bonito such as book signings, magazine or fashion line launches and DJ’s or local band performances.  We know where we would be sipping our cocktails while these trendy “intervenciones” occur…overlooking the revelry in the bathroom of the Luisa of course.

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By Angela Fairhurst and Natalie Compagno for