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Travel Tip: New Luggage Trends

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Every year, it seems like the luggage manufacturers come out with more technology to make your travels easier. Here’s what’s happening now in the luggage world.

This year, it’s all about durability, compressability, and compartmentalization.

Hard-shelled cases are a big trend now, because they protect your belongings and survive the wear and tear of travel. Nowadays, they’re lightweight, but the big problem has always been storage.

Until now, those hard cases didn’t have front pockets. Well, that’s changing.

Briggs & Riley now has the TORQ, which is a durable polycarbonate suitcase with a front pocket that locks.

Guess has an affordable hard-shell suitcase that actually lets you access the entire bag through the front pocket.

Compressibility means you can flatten and store your suitcases – look for cases from Biaggi that have a special hinge and soft sides so you can fold them up for easy storage.

And then you want to look for bags that offer more than one function. The GeniusPack actually has compartments for all your gear, with removable toiletry cases and pop-out umbrellas.

You can even charge your gadgets inside the bag with a portable battery pack while you’re on the road.

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