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Travel Tip: Cruise Passenger Rights

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Remember the stranded Carnival cruise ship that took days to reach land without power or sanitation? Well, the lawsuits are now being filed. But do you really know your rights as a cruise passenger?

First, let’s look at the history. In 2010, there was a similar situation with another Carnival ship. A fire knocked out the power and it took three days to reach land.

But there were no lawsuits. That’s because you have to prove injury or illness was caused by the cruise line’s negligence. 

In this most recent situation, there was some chance of sickness from the raw sewage. But those who filed suit went to their lawyers BEFORE seeing a doctor.

The fact is, the compensation given by the cruise line is probably more than you’d win in court, not to mention the legal fees.

Thinking of a class-action suit? Think again. By purchasing a ticket, you’ve entered into a contract of carriage that limits that right.

Even in less extreme circumstances, your rights are limited. For example, the cruise line can skip or substitute ports in case of bad weather, which means the vacation you paid for may not be the one you get.

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