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Peter Greenberg Worldwide–The New Tropicana–March 2, 2013

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It’s one of the last of the original hotels on the Strip, one of the few that hasn’t been dynamited to make room for an even bigger hotel….it’s the Tropicana Las Vegas.

Peter has been going to the Tropicana since 1971, but he stopped going about eight years ago. The place was dark, dingy, rundown….and rumors in Las Vegas were strong that the place was about to be blown up by developers.  But that didn’t happen. About four years ago, new owners came in, and opted to save the Tropicana and now, following a $200 million top-to-bottom renovation, it’s back with a new look, new food and new services.

This past weekend, Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcast from the new Tropicana. Check out the complete guest list, listen to the latest all-local podcast  and stream the complete show below.

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