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Will Sequester Cuts Cause 90-Minute Flight Delays?

The looming sequester cuts could create major disruptions for U.S. travel. With anticipated flight delays, long lines and a reduction in flights, it’s no doubt that the cuts will be felt most by travelers at the airport, who face anticipated 90-minute delays.

The FAA is currently looking at trimming $600 million from its budget with planned cut backs on staff, mandatory furlough days and reduction in air traffic control staff at the smaller regional airports.  Plus, there will be anticipated cutbacks from TSA and Customs and Border Patrol.

The impact of the sequester cuts could be felt at the start of March and would grow  worse through April. While the spending cuts will not impact our safety, the changes will no doubt prove to be increasingly inconvenient. Peter joined the team at CBS This Morning to outline the domino effect the sequester cuts will have on our nation’s travel.