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5 New Gadgets to Make Your Luggage & Travels Better

Sometimes, it’s not just about finding the best luggage of 2013 or a one-bag solution. Instead, new gadget and gear options are hitting the market so you can upgrade your existing luggage with cuttingedge features. Plus, there are solutions to existing travel gear that will change your travel experience for the the better.

1. Be Trackable: FinderCodes

Lost luggage is a persistent problem, so too is lost cell phones, gadget and gear. FinderCodes let you stay one step ahead of the system with stickers, iron-ons and durable tags, each with a unique QR code. Here’s the catch, when a device is lost you must rely on the finder to use the Finder Codes website to alert you. The travel package comes with two large, two medium and four small tags that remain active for life. ($24.99)