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Radio Guest List–Westin Lake Las Vegas–February 9, 2013

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While most people think Las Vegas is gambling and entertainment on the famous Strip, there is more to sin city.  This week, Peter heads off the strip to The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa in Nevada, where neon signs and showgirls are replaced with hiking, biking and relaxation….but yes there is still a casino.

This week, Peter sits down with New York Times columnist Joe Sharkey to talk the latest travel news.  Plus, he is joined by Jeanenne Tornatore of for the latest on Valentine’s Day and President’s Weekend travel deals.

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Joe Sharkey, columnist for New York Times, discusses mid-level hotels popping up in international cities, the weirdest hotel signs and the TSA deemphasizing  full body scanners.

Kelly Williamson, local triathelete, shares just what it takes to become an ironman and her favorite spots to exercise outside Las Vegas.

Michael Clinton, author of The Globetrotter Diaries, gives us insight into his experiences traveling to 122 countries around the world and shares his pick for exotic hidden gems.

Jon Berkley, owner of Casino Montelago, explores the latest trend of prop bets and some of the most outlandish bets he has seen.

Keith Bellows, senior vice president and editor in chief for National Geographic Travel Media, talks about fostering the love of travel in the next generation and his latest book 100 Places That Can Change Your Child’s Life: From Your Backyard to the Ends of the Earth.

Mike Boyd, president of Boyd Group International, looks at the economic impact of the grounding of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Derrick Toledo, owner 702 Wines, breaks down the over the top wine scene in Las Vegas, including the most expensive wines he’s had the pleasure to drink.

Robert Adam, director of romance at Westin Lake Las Vegas, offers his expert advice on Valentine’s Day and all things romance.

Jeanenne Tornatore, senior editor at Orbitz, explores President’s Weekend and Valentine’s Day travel deals.

Mark Hall-Patton, museum administrator for the Clark County Museum, describes Las Vegas before the casinos.

Andy Hafen, mayor of Henderson, talks about what makes this area unique and his pick for off-the-beaten-path Las Vegas.

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