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2013 Luggage Trends: The One-Bag Solution

We’re one month into the new year and already there are already new luggage options on the market. One of the latest trends is the one-bag solution. Be it a backpack, a tote or a small rolling bag, there are new options for those looking for one bag to go from the office, to the gym, to an overnight. Here are six multipurpose, carry-on options.

A Laptop Bag with More: L.C. Industries, Inc. Lewis and Clark Urban Gear Backpack

The Urban Gear Backpack features two large compartments that can fit a rain jacket, towel and compact umbrella and more. The bag also has a special padded area for a laptop, side pockets for easy access keys etc, and two front pockets. The Canvas proves a sturdy option and the padded straps make it easy to carry around all day. ($59.99)

Scooter Vs. Carry-on: Micro Luggage

Looking to race through the crowds in the airport? Don’t run, roll. Last fall, several carry-ons with a built in scooter hit the market. One option is Swiss company Micro-Mobility, whose Micro Luggage comes equipped with a kickboard, designed to let you scoot through the airport. ($249)

Two for the Price of One: Eagle Creek Morphus

The Eagle Creek Morpheus stands out by offering a two bags within one. You can zip off the front of the bag for another full-size bag that pulls out from the back sell.($395)

The Wrinkle-Free Roll Solution: Henty Wingman

The Henty Wingman gives travelers just enough room for the essentials, but sometimes that is all you need. It’s designed for an overnight stay and has a garmet bag that holds one or two outfits as well as a utility bag that it stylishly wraps around.

The Airport Laptop Carry-on Solution: Kensington’s Contour Overnight Backpack

Gadget and laptop expert Kensington’s Contour Overnight Backpack lets you pass through security without removing your laptop. Instead, unzip the backpack, lay the laptop flat and let it pass through the X-ray machine. As an added bonus, the bag also has a separate liquids pouch and a headphone’s music port. There is also room for a change of clothes and the other travel essentials. ($89.99)

Active Traveler’s with Gear: “The Glider” by Athalon.

The Glider by Athalon is all about options. You can use it also both a backpack or a carry-on, but the key is in the design. Multiple pockets and sections keep gear and clothing separate. Plus, the bag fits in overhead storage bins and under the seat. ($100)

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