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Travel Tip: All-You-Can-Drink Cruise Options

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For a long time, we cautioned you that cruises aren’t really all inclusive. Nowadays, cruise lines are now offering flat-fee packages to cover your alcohol. Is it worth it? Norwegian Cruise Lines is the latest to roll out an all-inclusive drink package priced at $49 per day. They are often associated with indulgence, when it comes to food and drink, but after a day or two of unlimited drinking even you are going to need a break. If you purchase the package, it’s for the duration of the cruise, so you’re paying even if you don’t drink alcohol that day.

There’s also a mandatory tip tacked on, usually 15 percent. And not all drink packages are built the same. Carnival has something called the Cheers Program with limited drinks priced under $10 and a 25 percent discount on the more expensive stuff. The biggest attraction of these packages is that you don’t have to go to your wallet every time you get thirsty, and there are no surprises at the end.

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