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Radio Guest List–New Orleans–January 19, 2013

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Travel safety tops the headlines with the FAA grounding the Dreamliner and the recent one-year anniversary of the Costa Concordia.  This week, Peter sits with the Wall Street Journal‘s Scott McCartney, business travel columnist Joe Brancatelli and Cruise Critic’s Dan Askin to break down what the latest industry concerns and changes mean for you. Tune into Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasting from The National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

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Featured guests include:

Joe Brancatelli, business travel columnist and author of the the “Seat 2B” series, looks at the 787 and A380 to answer whether we should fear these newly designed airliners and their growing pains.

Dan Askin, news editor of Cruise Critic, outlines 10 cruise industry safety changes.

Scott McCartney, travel editor for the Wall Street Journal, argues that airline operations have improve and shares the new industry leaders in reliable flights.

Keith Huxen, senior director of research and history who provides in-depth insight of the USS Tang and command central.

Owen Glendening, assistant vice president of education & access for the National World War II Museum, explains the collection’s  “My Gal Sal” artifact and the history of this legendary Boeing plane.

Tom Czekanski, director of collections and exhibits for the National World War II Museum, shares some of the museum highlights, including planes, flyboys and artifacts.

Dr. Nick Mueller, president and CEO of the National WWII Museum, describes one of the city’s newest attractions: the Freedom Pavilion at The Boeing Center.

Ramsey Zarifeh, author of Japan By Rail, debunks the myth that Japan is too expensive to travel and shares a few high-tech developments in the country’s infrastructure.

Jeremy Collins, conference programs manager for the National World War II Museum, describes the new traveling exhibition Gridiron Glory that details the history of football in America.

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