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Travel Tip: Seasonal Ingredients

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Even though the weather is getting colder, that doesn’t mean the end of growing season. In fact, the upcoming months are prime time for some of the top delicacies in the world.

Oregonians are all about truffle season and the upcoming Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene. We’re talking hands-on cooking classes, foraging courses, and even instruction on how to train truffle-hunting dogs.

In Carmel Valley, winter means mushroom season at Bernardus Lodge, where you can go on foraging treks and try out everything from mushroom-infused cocktails to a mushroom-themed menu at Marinus Restaurant.

At Kimpton Hotels around the country, look for winter dinners that feature foraged and wild ingredients, like mushrooms, juniper berries and spiny lobster.

Prefer a more hands-on experience? Just head to South Florida, where those spiny rock lobsters are in season right now. There are plenty of dive shops in Key West and other areas that can set you up with all the right gear.

Or try Northern California for something called monkeyfaced eel fish—these guys look a little like cartoon characters, and you can seek them out with a company called Sea Forager Tours.

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