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Cape Town Radio Broadcast & 4 Adventures Beyond the City

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People always ask Peter about his top places to visit, but as a constant traveler he doesn’t look at it that way. Instead, he has a working list of place he would like to live. And near the top of that list is Cape Town. Peter hasn’t packed up his house yet, but he’ll settle for going as much as possible.

On his most recent trip, he broadcast his radio show from the Taj Cape Town where he talked with a pilot, historians, wine experts, and other locals about everything to do in and out of the city. Check out the complete South Africa guest list or listen the broadcast right here.

Then, after the show, Peter decided to test out some of these activities. He soon discovered getting out of the city brings all kinds of “off-the-beaten path” experiences – ranging from boutique wine tasting to hidden museums to helicopter rides – and even shark diving for all you adventure travelers out there.

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