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Radio Guest List–Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Malaysia–December 1, 2012

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Can you imagine a hospital that looks and feels like a 5-star hotel?  As medical tourism is expanding in Malaysia, the tourism industry is also evolving. Peter heads to the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa in Kuala Lumpur to explore the brave new world of medical tourism and sit down with locals and expats to hear about their favorite spots in the city.

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Arnie Weissmann, editor in chief for Travel Weekly, reports on some of the latest trends of the travel industry trends including updated technology and changes for travel agents.

Lim Chee Wah, editor of Time Out Guides Kuala Lumpur, guides adventurers through scream parks and conventions without forgetting the architectural gems of Kuala Lumpur.

Dr. Datuk Razali Omar, Deputy Head of Cardiology, discusses how the National Heart Institute of Malaysia (IJN) became a medical landmark and why Malaysia’s healthcare is competitive globally.

Mike Boyd, President of Boyd Group International, questions some media outlets coverage of airline maintenance issues and his work to provide air carriers for the “national hub,” New Argyle International Airport.

Raymond Tan, chef of New Orleans Bar and Grill in the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, talks about creating authentic Louisiana cuisine in Kuala Lumpur and share some of his favorite places to dine around the city.

Anita Szabo, expat living in Malaysia, describes her experience using to improve extended travel in Malaysia and beyond.

Dr. Chong Su-Lin, managing Director of Prince Court Medical Centre, breaks down how to make an international hospital stay feel more like home.

Joe Brancatelli, business travel columnist for the Washington Post‘s Seat 2B column, offers his latest money-saving tips on the hidden costs of business travel.

Dr. Mary Wong Lai Lin, CEO Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, explains the importance of medical tourism in Malaysian and how the Healthcare Travel Council  promotes healthcare in other countries.

Josef Woodman, founder and CEO of Healthy Travel Media, reviews the latest trends in medical tourism including the Medihotel industry, international patient rights and changes in healthcare costs.

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