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Travel Tip: Unexpected Perks of Budget Hotels

Most people think that road warriors—the people who travel regularly for business—only stay in the most expensive hotels. Not true. In fact, it’s often the mid-range hotels in North America that have not just lower rates, but a whole lot more value.

First there’s the all-important coffee test. A five-star hotel will most likely charge exorbitant rates just for a pot of coffee. Factor in the room service charge, and the mandatory gratuity, and suddenly that coffee cost more than a cocktail. I know frequent travelers who purposely choose brands like the Best Western and Motel 6 just because there’s coffee in the lobby and in the room.

And I don’t care if you’re traveling on business or with family, free breakfast is always a perk.  Well, guess, what? A hot breakfast is free at brands like Holiday Inn Express and Comfort Inn.

Then there’s the all-important wireless, high-speed Internet. Everyone complains about being nickel and dimed by a daily charge or a resort fee, but the mid-level hotels have figured it out. Wi-Fi is free brandwide at places like Hampton Inn and La Quinta.

And when it comes to the little things that make us more productive, it’s as much about the value as it is the cost.

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