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Window Seat or Aisle Seat: Teaching Families Healthy Habits with Agritourism


In Vezelay, France, named by the French government as “one of the most beautiful villages in France,” filmmakers Jane Weiner and Judith Lit have been producing a documentary about the preservation of the unique biodiversity of this area. (On most of the planet bees struggle for survival, but in Vezelay they thrive). Weiner targeted Domaine Maria Cuny as the backdrop for her film because the family run winery is a completely organic and pesticide free vineyard. The quaint bed and breakfast is owned and operated by Madame Cuny. She and her entire family, including six children, work the farm. They have also recently opened their rustic home to travelers interested in the agritourist experience.

Those who visit Domaine Maria Cuny will be able to completely immerse themselves into the vineyard life, including sharing the only available bathroom with the family. You and your children will also have the opportunity to work the land and even stomp on the grapes (at crush time). In addition to rich farming experience, visitors who choose to stay at Domaine Maria Cuny during the next five months may also be a part of Weiner’s film. For more information or to book your stay contact Alecia Caine online.


Leif Ryman, owner of Green Bug Adventures, offer responsible family volunteering adventures to Ghana in West Africa. These tours put families in rural villages in the Volta Region of Ghana where they work with the farmers there to plant crops, tend crops, irrigation projects, harvesting, and packing crops for transport. The crops are grown organically for orphanages that Green Bug also works with. The minimum stay is 1 week and the maximum 3 months. These agritours start at $800 for the first month and then $150 a month after that for each person. This includes transportation to and from the work site from the airport, 3 meals a day and a stay with a host family. Green Bug will also arrange excursions to Wli Water fall, Tafi Atome Community Monkey Sanctuary, and a night at a beach resort to top off the experience.