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Slideshow: Travel through History with 5 Magical Objects

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If you think all magic tricks involve either a deck of cards or complex David Blaine engineering, guess again. In just one week, magician Steve Cohen‘s Lost Magic: Decoded will air on the History Channel–set your DVR for 9 pm ET on October 18. The show, which Peter co-executive produced, won’t only show you amazing tricks, but also stories and the histories behind those famous feats. And it all comes down to a series of simple objects. Read on to see how a bullet, a box and some rope created some of the world’s most famous illusions.

1. Magic Bullet

Magician Steve Cohen is shown here holding a 22-caliber bullet that was fired at him from a Glock 19; both pistol and ammunition are regulation. This bullet was used in one of magic’s most famous and infamous acts–the bullet catch. Don’t make the mistake of calling the bullet catch a “trick”; it’s truly a life-threatening feat. Cohen notes, “12 people have died attempting the bullet catch, nobody wants to be number 13.”

There’s no way to practice the bullet catch without actually performing the trick. Instead, Cohen relied on his training and traveled to England to work with gun makers and experts. He also got advice from people who knew Chung Ling Soo, famous magician who died performing the bullet catch.

Tune in on October 18 to see what happens when Steve attempts to catch the bullet pictured here with his teeth.