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6 Off-Season Island Travel Ideas: Forget the Crowds & Save

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5) Easter Island: Uncollapsible

For Jared Diamond, Easter Island (aka Rapa Nui) was the example of how a culture collapses if it overuses its resources. These days, the island is becoming a model of cultural and ecological sustainability.

A relatively uncrowded island is guaranteed by the manageable number of tourists that arrive on the few flights that service the island each week.

Cultural sustainability is important for the islanders as well. For new interpretation of the island’s dance tradition, try the Kari Kari dance troupe’s performances in Hanga Roa’s downtown.

Embodying the new sustainability efforts of the island, the Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa borrows its design from the indigenous kainga structure of traditional island villages. The Hangaroa also incorporates natural elements like cypress trees, clay and volcanic rock, along with solar and wind power that keeps the lights on, and produces ice for the cold drinks.

The Earthwatch Institute offers trips where tourists can assist the island’s reforestation efforts. Mountain Travel Sobek also offers regular trips to Easter Island.

LAN Airlines is the only airline servicing the island and flights are available from Lima, Santiago and Tahiti.