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Travel Tip: Airlines Reduce Legroom Even More

How important is legroom when you fly? Well, listen up, boys and girls. Now the airlines are reducing legroom in coach to make way for premium seats that cost even more.

JetBlue has converted two rows of seats on its Embraer planes to Even More seats, which have more legroom. Translation? Legroom in economy is reduced by an inch. Of course, the reasoning behind this is obvious: JetBlue can charge more for those premium seats—in fact, the Even More program is expected to earn the airline an additional $150 million this year.

If Canadian travel is on your itinerary, watch out for reduced legroom on WestJet. The airline is also slashing legroom in economy to make way for additional premium seats on its 737s. Four new rows to be exact.

Southwest already started the trend by adding six more seats to its planes, losing an inch of legroom between existing seats.

Next year, United Airlines is installing thinner seats on some of its Airbus planes. That’s right, the actual padding on the seat is thinner so they can put in additional rows in economy—but the good news here is the structure of the seats means the legroom will remain the same.

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