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Travel Tip: Picture-Based Social Media

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If you’re like me, all the new social media sites popping up are enough to make your head spin. Hey, I just barely got used to Facebook. But there’s a lot happening out there.

Have you been on Pinterest yet? Think of it like a bulletin board of all your favorite stuff: hobbies, decoration, recipes, and yes, travel. Each of those images links to content and information.

You can create a pinboard of every place on your bucket list. Or get ideas on destinations that weren’t on your list, and the hidden gems you didn’t know about.

There’s a similar new site called Loveit—they even let you import all your existing content from Pinterest. A cool feature is that there’s a private setting, so you can collaborate with a select few to plan your trip or share photos.

And then there’s a website and app that was specifically designed for travel, called Gogobot. It connects you to friends’ recommendations and advice on hotels, restaurants and activities. You can also create virtual postcards and share photos.

So while it might be confusing, just think these sites as a way to gather and organize information. You never know what you might stumble across.

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