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Travel Tip: 2012 Fall Repositioning Cruises

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It’s coming up on that time of year again, boys and girls. I’m talking about the time when cruise ships migrate to their winter homes, and you can take advantage of those very cool fall repositioning cruises.

Repositioning cruises usually take place in October and November, but there’s only a handful of them, so the time to start planning is now.

The biggest drawback of repositioning cruises is that they only go one way, which means departing from one port and returning to another. But the good news is there are cruises that start and end right here in the U.S.

Check out Royal Caribbean’s upcoming cruise that departs from Boston, sails to six Caribbean islands, and then ends up in its winter home of Tampa. That’s an itinerary you won’t find again for another year.

But if it’s an exotic cruise you’re after, splurge on that international airfare. Take a look at a Princess fall cruise that starts from Venice and ends in Fort Lauderdale. You’ll get to travel to several ports in Italy, plus Cannes and Barcelona, and then head to Morocco, the Azores Islands, and Portugal, before sailing into the U.S. All for about $1,500 a person. Hey, where do I sign up?

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