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Defining a Preferred Seat: A CBS This Morning Report

Last week, American Airlines announced that it will be selling preferred seats via Priceline. For American, it’s part of a series of strategic moves to veer  away from the commission-based Global Distribution Systems, and instead use its own system distribute this product. But what does this mean for passengers?

However you choose to buy a seat, the main question for fliers is just what is a preferred seats? And is it worth it to invest in such an upgrade?

The name and definition of a “preferred seat” changes from airline to airline. American Airlines’ seats are located near the front of the main cabin, but have standard legroom. Delta charges anywhere from $9 to $59 for preferred seats, which are defined as window or aisle seats toward the front. United’s preferred seats might mean those coveted bulkhead or emergency exit row seats, or a window or aisle seat in front of the plane.

Watch Peter’s CBS This Morning report to see how just how profitable these programs have become and how airlines are driving customers toward these questionable upgrades.

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